Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Glitch stalls police radio

City and law enforcement officials said they now know what caused communication problems in the police emergency dispatch system Sunday. The radio problem, however, did not interfere with public safety or police duties, officials said.
Deputy Commissioner Charles Brennan and Managing Director Phil Goldsmith said yesterday the problem has been traced .....
Voters swarm City Hall

James Beck's baritone voice echoed across 15th Street yesterday afternoon. "This is the last day to register to vote!" he shouted to passers-by.Although she was on her lunch break, and a little pressed for time, Danielle Scott stopped in front of Beck's small card table long enough to fill out a registration form.

"I have to make sure I'm registered. We have to kick Bush's a-- out of office," she said before rushing back to work.

For Beck, registering voters before the deadline has become a tradition. "Every election year I take a day off from work and come out here to get people registered to vote,"....
Health Ministry speakers inspire women to take control of lives

Hundreds of women packed the sanctuary in Mt. Airy Church of God in Christ Saturday morning for the fifth annual Health Ministry Program for women. More than 30 local and national health consultants gave one-hour workshops offering tips on how to secure mental, physical and emotional well-being. They ranged from controlling diabetes and living with a batterer to full-body workouts in tai chi and yoga......

Review board cutting back

The Police Advisory Commission, a citizen oversight agency that investigates complaints of police misconduct, is scaling back their hearings due to a lack of appointed commissioners - not due to budget constraints, officials said this week......
U.S. has grim company in death penalty use

The most famous death row inmate in the world - Mumia Abu-Jamal - issued a statement last week on the eve of the first presidential debate that cut to the core of that debate's topic: US foreign policy. Abu-Jamal, the award-winning writer and Philadelphia native, did not issue this statement as a commentary on the verbal joust between President Bush and challenger Sen. John Kerry. ....
Rollins sad to see Bowa go

Somewhere former Philadelphia Phillies manager Larry Bowa is smiling. Less than 24 hours after Bowa was removed as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, shortstop Jimmy Rollins paid tribute to his mentor by slamming the first grand-slam homerun of his career over the left field fence at Citizens .....

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Bush, Kerry are clear now on Iraq
It's official: Jackson joins Kerry's team
Police-Grays Ferry 'bridge' mixer held

DR Joseph Ajaka reviews

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